HBCU Scholarship

HBCUs Matter!

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have a rich legacy of building
leaders who go on to vastly impact the fields of law, business, politics, science, education,
entertainment, art, engineering and sports. The presence of HBCUs is felt all over the world! These
institutions have served as an essential foundation to the growth and development of many
individuals, helping to shape all communities.


  • While HBCUs account for only 3% of the nation’s colleges and universities, they account for
    about 20% of the degrees awarded to African-Americans.Over half of all African-American professionals are HBCU graduates.
  •  In 2015-16, HBCUs granted 14% of all Bachelor’s Degrees conferred to African-Americans, 6%
    of all Master’s Degrees, and 11% of all Doctorates.
  • HBCUs produce 19% of undergraduate science graduates and 20% of black undergraduate
    engineering graduates.
  •  40% of African-Americans receiving four-year degrees from HBCUs are in STEM areas.
  •  HBCUs graduate 50% of African-American teaching professionals.
  •  Among African-Americans, 80% of judges graduated from an HBCU.
  • HBCUs produce 70% of all black dentists and doctors, 50 % of Black engineers and public
    school teachers, and 35% of Black lawyers.
  • HBCUs boasts an excess of $10.2 billion positive impact on the nation’s economy.

2020 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations 2020 HBCU Scholarship Winners!